Good Insects Looking After Your Garden

To inspire you, here is the story of the little ladybug. Among the many and much reviled insect species on earth, in kitchens, in factories, and especially in the residential garden, the ladybug is much loved. Readers should be able to remember childhood days where all the boys wanted to do was squish those dirty bugs dead. But not the dear old lady bug. So much so that all and sundry fondly allowed the beautifully colored insect to settle peacefully on their arms for its insect-like breather.

It is all in a hard day’s work for the ladybug. After all it has been busy as a bee killing and munching other critters into oblivion. Gardening experts rate this bug as the best known of their beneficial bugs. On a typical day in the garden, such bugs are known to consume as much as sixty aphids a day. And they can munch up as much as five thousand in a lifetime. That’s quite a few mouthfuls of meal worms, leafhoppers and, dread of all dreads, mites.

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The ladybug will be on the menu of a number of organic methods being used to eliminate soil insects oakley ca located. Given that most areas of this east coast state benefits from a fairly temperate climate, they remain perfect for the cultivation of organic gardens. But they will also be breeding grounds for the repulsive and undesirable species of insects that love to populate such gardens.  

And this is a direct order to you. Do not, repeat, do not ever stomp on a haplessly isolated bee. Among the folks who know and appreciate their gardens well, they are rather fond of the busy worker bees. In terms of helping to cultivate an organic garden, bees tick all the boxes.